Warrington office mailing address boosts web rankings

A Warrington business centre was pleasantly surprised when one of their Virtual Mail customers, AIM Web Design Cheshire, an expert in SEO, told them why he wanted the service.  Not for mail forwarding but to enhance their web optimisation further by using Portal’s central Warrington’s address.

There are a selection of tools and tips employed to maximise a website’s performance, boost search engine rankings and help drive qualified traffic to your website. One simple measure is to use Google Business Centre and a central postcode as this can aid rankings.

‘The internet is a very crowded and competitive market place and it’s important to obtain those valuable front page rankings.’ says Simon Mannion from AIM.  ‘Using Portal’s postcode will ensure that their business will rank highly when anyone searches for services within Warrington.’

After speaking to AIM, Portal have made the most of their central business address by building a new website and utilising Google’s Local Business Centre. 

‘We are now in the top searches for offices and virtual offices in Warrington.’ Says Rachel Browne from Portal,   ‘We have learnt a lot from AIM over the last few months and are extremely pleased with the performance of our new website and the traffic keeps building week on week.’

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