Find your Short Term Co-Working and Office Space in Warrington

As businesses continue to work through these difficult times, we appreciate that now may not be an ideal time to find a long-term office let or co-working space. This is why we’re delighted to offer a safe and secure office and co-working space with a short term commitment and a great value price.

Two Workstations for £250pcm

We understand that making the decision to move into an office for the first time or switching premises can be a daunting one. Especially when no one is sure right now what the next few months will bring.

That’s why here at Portal we’re making things as easy for you as 1-2-3.

1. Only one month’s notice required if you wish to leave the centre, no long term commitment or deposit required.

2. Two workstations for only £250 pcm.

3. Three great options included – broadband, manned reception and full use of communal facilities.

1) One Month Commitment

So how does it work? If you take an office at our Dallam Court, Warrington centre at the moment, we are not holding you to any commitment. First, all we ask is that we’re provided with one month notice should you wish to leave.

2) Only £250 PCM

Secondly, for a fantastic price of only £250 pcm – that’s just £4.50 per day, per person! – we will provide you with an office furnished for two people, including all utilities.

3) Three Great Options Included

And thirdly, in that price we will also provide you with access to our 1Gb fibre broadband line, the use of our manned reception area, and full use of communal facilities. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! This is a genuine offer which will be available until April 2021, after which time you will have the option to commit to longer licence terms.

We are currently restructuring how we utilise space within the centre which is enabling us to make this offer to help businesses navigate through the next few trying months. We’re simply hoping to make things as stress free and as flexible as we can for small businesses in this very difficult time.

Interested? Give us a call on: 0345 456 4592, or drop us a line at info@portalbusinesscentres.co.uk

Working from Home? Get Your Co-Working Space for £150/Month

As we move onwards through these unprecedented times, we are finding more and more people who have been working from home throughout the coronavirus crisis are perhaps now, more than ever, finding this a struggle and in some cases even a strain on their own wellbeing.  That’s why we’re delighted of offer a safe, secure, alternative environment to home working with space in our co-working facility. 

Open for use during our current business hours of 8.30am – 5pm (Monday to Friday), you can use a desk in our co-working facility for only £20 per day, which includes access to our Wi-Fi facility.

If you would like space for a little longer, you can have one month in the co-working space for £150 per month. There is absolutely no commitment to taking this space, you can use for a day if you choose and if you wish to book in for the month, there is no obligation to book for a longer period, or to repeat your booking at the end.

It is simply a space to allow you to work in perhaps a quieter, more productive environment until life returns to normal.

If you’re interested in any of these offers, or would like some information, call us on: 0345 456 4592, or drop us a line at info@portalbusinesscentres.co.uk