6 Ways Bridgewater House Can Benefit Your Business

Recently, FreeOfficeFinder published an article looking at ten ways that Serviced Offices can save businesses money

This inspired us to take a look at the benefits of our newest Business Centre at Ellesmere Port, Bridgewater House. Using some of their points and some of our own, we have highlighted what makes Bridgewater House such a great option for businesses.

Paying for the office, not the facilities.

Serviced Offices give SME’s the advantage of only having to pay for the desk/office space that they need, whilst still having the benefits of meeting rooms, kitchens and communal areas. We are proud of the extensive facilities accessible to everyone at Bridgewater House. With two meeting rooms, one of which can be used as a large training room, fully equipped kitchens and additional break out areas, Bridgewater House provides all the impressive amenities one could want from a Serviced Office.

Already Fitted Out

Serviced Offices come with chairs, desks, drawers and filing cabinets already fitted, so that your business no longer has to waste time and money buying furniture and moving it in. This means companies can get on with the important stuff the day they move in. Likewise, Bridgewater House is already fitted out with impressive desks, chairs and other modern furniture, with the whole building in a bold, contemporary style, setting your business up with a prominence from the day you move in.

Incredible Locations

Serviced Offices often give businesses the opportunity to home themselves in impressive locations without having to pay the premium fees and Bridgewater House is no exception. As part of Ellesmere Port, Bridgewater House is enviably located. Just seconds away from junction 7 of the M53, it’s well connected to the whole North West, including Liverpool, Manchester, the Wirral, North Wales and Chester.  Ellesmere Port is one of the fastest growing areas of the country, with employment growing at double the national average, meaning that opportunities for your company’s growth abound in the area. On top of this, the area boasts outstanding Ofsted reports, 2,500 new homes planned by 2020, numerous leisure activities and an abundance of green space nearby, making it a highly desirable place to raise a family.


Serviced Offices often have shared communal areas which can sometimes act as catalysts to networking and relationship building. Bridgewater House offers multiple break out areas, conducive to both relaxation and collaboration. The feeling of family in a business centre like Bridgewater House can often help companies develop relationships that improve their growth. The opportunities for networking don’t stop once you have left the doors of Bridgewater House, either. Given the massive investment in the local area, a highly skilled workforce is becoming hugely available to businesses. There is almost no better place for networking opportunities in the North West. With another 2 billion pounds to follow the 400 million already invested, this area is quickly becoming a hub of exciting talent and opportunity.

Outsourced Staffing Costs

FreeOfficeFinder wrote about the financial benefits of moving into a Business Centre which already employs staff who can assist your company. The benefits are multiple, as Serviced Offices can facilitate your business whilst saving you money on wages with in-house staff. Bridgewater House offers a range of services, like telephone answering, mailing address and professional reception which can do exactly this, helping your business to run smoothly and efficiently in a cost-effective way.

Flexible space to facilitate growth

Renting a leased office can sometimes leave businesses stuck in inflexible contracts and workspaces, whereas renting a Serviced Office can give businesses a freedom and flexibility otherwise unavailable to them. Shorter term contracts and opportunities to move office space within the building as your company grows make Serviced Offices the only truly flexible option. Bridgewater House, again, offers this kind of flexibility, with office space rental terms from just three months. Also, the centre itself is home to a number of varied spaces, from one person offices to ten person offices, meaning you can choose an office that fits around you and your businesses needs.