Dallam Court Encourages Tenants to get on their Bikes!

With the number of people now cycling to work on the rise due to the health benefits and cost of public transport, Portal Business Centres has upgraded the facilities within its Dallam Court, Warrington centre.

The centre has installed new cycle parking racks located at the main entrance and at the side of the building. Not only does this enhance the centre’s amenities, it also improves the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and noise pollution. Portal Business Centres is committed to promoting all methods of sustainable and eco-friendly forms of travel to and from work and offering people the ability to cycle seemed an ideal first step.

In addition to the racks, there are also new lockers within the ground floor and first floor lobbies for clients to store their cycle equipment in a secure location. A selection of these lockers also has the added advantage of hanging facilities inside. Tenants also have access to the onsite shower, should they wish to freshen up after their journey. CCTV has been installed to monitor the racks and lockers both internally and externally to give cyclists peace of mind.

The enhancements to the centre were funded through the Warrington Borough Council Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The council was awarded £865,000 of funding from the Department for Transport to deliver a new programme of sustainable travel projects in 2015/16. The programme aims to encourage local people to travel to work utilising public transport and greener methods where possible. The project is working with local employers to help them apply for grants, allowing them to improve their on-site facilities, whilst also offering a travel advisory service, better signage on key cycling routes and general improvements to public transport.

Sallie Maskrey, Managing Director, Portal Business Centres, said, “I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded this grant to help raise the awareness of sustainable travel to work whilst at the same time upgrading the facilities we offer at Dallam Court. We have seen an increase in cyclists and car share over the last few years within the workforce at the business centre and the survey we carried out within the centre, assisted by Warrington Borough Council, enabled us to pin point the concerns and requirements of our clients to make this a worthwhile exercise for all concerned.”

If you wish to take advantage of the cycle racks or lockers then please contact the Centre Manager, Kerri McKenna for further details.