Do missed calls mean you’re missing out on business?

Mobile communications have come a long way in the last 20 years.

Today, approximately 72% of people in the UK have a smart phone, meaning the need for landlines and traditional office space is not as great as it once was. With a mobile phone, customers can contact businesses whenever they choose, wherever they may be. Or can they?

People who work for themselves, or who work from home, traders like plumbers, painters and decorators, rely on their mobile phones for dealing with business calls. They believe that customers are able to reach them no matter where they are. But research from BT suggests otherwise.

There will be times when a mobile call can’t be answered – you may be in a client meeting, in an area with no service, or simply unable to answer the calls due to being up a ladder! According to a BT survey, a staggering 85% of potential customers will not call back if their call is not answered first time.

Even more worrying, 75% of those people will not leave a voice mail, and will simply hang up if confronted with an automated system. Instead, they’ll return to Google and call the next person on the list. At no point in the sales process are customers more likely to buy than when they are actively contacting a business – in fact, inbound sales calls are 14 times more likely to convert to a sale than a web lead, which means that these are the crucial calls no one wants to miss.

So what can you do to make sure your potential customers are talking to someone first time and not going to call your competitors? It’s simple – use Portal Business Centres’ virtual office services. From as little as £50 per month, your calls will be answered professionally by our team of experienced receptionists.

The details are then passed on to you, so that you can return the call at a time when it’s convenient to do so. With Portal’s virtual answering service, you can make sure your customers talk to your business first time, every time.