Five Reasons Why Meeting Face to Face is More Effective

The advent of technology over the past ten years means that the business world is now a very different place.

Everyone has smart phones and Wi-Fi is readily available, meaning you can basically work from anywhere in the world. The rise of video conferencing and telephone systems means that meetings are in danger of becoming a thing of the past – but here are five reasons why meeting face to face is still critically important to your business.

  1. The biggest problem with phone conferences is that people may not actually “be there”. Yes, they’re on the other end of the line, but chances are, they’re doing something else at the same time – checking their emails, reading through files, making a coffee. They are probably only half paying attention to what is being said.
  2. Body language and facial expression plays a crucial role in how we interpret people and situations – without it, you could lose the meaning of the conversation.
  3. You may lose clarification. If you’ve missed a point, it’s much easier to stop a face to face conversation that it is to butt into a conference call with multiple people.
  4. Being face to face with people encourages engagement in the meeting – people on the other end of a phone may be sitting with their back to the call paying no attention, something that isn’t likely to happen in a physical meeting.
  5. The meeting will be shorter. Face to face meetings tend to be more time driven, so the meeting will get to the point quicker. Phone calls tend to drag on unnecessarily

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