How Serviced Offices Can Save You Up To 40%

One question we often get asking in the serviced office industry is this – can it save me money? It can. You can save a massive 40% of your office related costs simply by using a serviced office.

In today’s changing marketplace, time, money and effort are the three key components to driving a successful business. Serviced offices are a flexible, cost effective and convenient alternative to conventional space representing a way to optimise these three elements simultaneously and gain considerable cost savings.

Remove the set up fees of stamp duty and solicitor’s fees inherent in traditional leases, include investment savings on furnishings, meeting rooms and communal space, and you are off to a head start. A professional team managing the general facilities, cleaning, security, greeting your visitors, answering your calls, negotiating the best utility rates (including those dreaded business rates) give further reductions and also save on valuable management time, recruitment and retention issues.

Factor in the flexible managed broadband delivery allowing you to upgrade as your needs arise, add the variety of VoIP telephony options including home or distant working along with premium support and you are romping ahead with the savings.

As a quick comparison you might like to know that a two person office, including phone and broadband, would cost a third of employing one receptionist.

Hopefully this has highlighted some of the genuine benefits of using a serviced office. You are not obliged to hold or invest in substantial assets, you can change your size according to your growth rate and most importantly free your precious time to running and developing your own business eliminating the hassles of facilities management. At Portal, this is what we do.