Location, Location, Location

Portal Business Centres is leading the way with its centre locations, as a survey released this week by the Royal Mail shows that Portal Business Centres’ Warrington and Bromborough sites fall within easy commuting distance of four out of the top ten English locations!

The survey declared that the most desirable place to live in England is Bebington on the Wirral. Conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, the survey looked at three areas – affordable housing, green spaces and commuting times. Bebington residents have been quoted as “enjoying the ideal balance” of living close to their place of work, and living in an area which offers good employment choices coupled with excellent schools.

Situated only minutes away from Thursby House in Bromborough, Bebington was only one of three locations close to Portal’s Wirral Business Centre – Eastham and Wallasey were featured in the list. The Cheshire town of Warrington also secured a place within the top ten.

Commenting on the survey, Portal’s director Sallie Maskrey said, “Over the past few years we have noticed a real shift in peoples working habits. There has been a definite move towards striking a better balance between work and home life, so people are taking things like commuting times into consideration more than they used to.

Working in city centres no longer seems to hold the same appeal as it used to when you couple it with long commuting times, so it’s no surprise that these smaller towns are fast becoming the favourite choice. They offer everything needed to maintain strong work/life balance but are still within easy reach of some of the best cities in the UK.”

The full survey results can be read here