Top 10 reasons to use a Virtual Office

Here’s Portal’s top 10 reasons for using a Virtual Office

You get to “choose” where your business is based. Want an address in Mayfair? No problem. Want your customers to know you’re local? Pick one in your town or city. Using a virtual address also means you get to keep your home address private.

  • Little financial commitment. Most virtual services won’t tie you into long-term contracts, and you will know up front what your monthly costs are going to be.
  • You’ll be up and running instantly
  • It’s a very cost-effective way to run your business as you don’t have the costs associated with a traditional office, but lots of the benefits!.
  • You have access to a professional, multi-skilled task force, ready for you to use.
  • If you want somewhere to meet clients, choose a virtual provider which gives you access to meeting rooms. That way, clients are able to meet with you at your business address without any confusion.
    You’re doing your bit for the environment – it’s greener to use a virtual office than to actually travel to and from an office every day.
  • A virtual office is a good trial step to see if you need a full-time office. And if the time comes when you do, you already have a relationship with an office provider who should be only too happy to help your transition from virtual to serviced office.
  • Not being physically based in an office means that within reason, you can access your “office” from anywhere in the world.
  • Virtual working leads to better productivity as time management takes priority and tasks are completed more efficiently.

Here at Portal Business Centres we have a whole range of virtual services, from mail handling and telephone answering to hot desking and virtual flex services to keep your business running when you’re off on holiday or simply need an extra pair of hands.

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