Who’s answering your calls today?

First impressions count – that is something we generally all accept.

So you’re confident that your business is being portrayed professionally, and that when clients come face to face with you for the first time, your image and appearance show the true face of your business. Yes? Well, maybe not.

First impressions start the moment a potential client is exposed to your business. It could be an advert, it could be a personal recommendation – or it could be when they make that first crucial call to you. You get one chance, and one chance only to impress people so it has to be done properly.

With the advent of mobile technology, people believe that they are contactable around the clock. However, just because you are contactable, doesn’t mean you are in a position to talk to a potential client. You may be on a train, where the signal keeps coming and going. Or in the car with the kids in the background! In a doctors surgery, at a school event, visiting a relative in hospital, in a meeting with another client – the list goes on and on. It may even be that you simply need some quiet time to prepare a quote or a presentation.

Answering your phone in any of these situations is inappropriate at best, impossible at worst. A massive 85% of people will not call back if you do not answer the call first time. They will simply move on to another supplier. Even if you have voicemail, 75% of people will simply hang up rather than leave a message. That’s a huge amount of potential business that you’re not talking to.

You need to ensure that your calls are being answered professionally – first time, and every time. Portal Business Centres’ virtual office services start from as little as £50 per month and ensure that your calls will be answered by our team of experienced receptionists.

The team answers in your business name and messages are passed on to you, meaning you can return the call when it is convenient for you to do so. Contact Portal and find out what our virtual services can do for you.