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So What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office is one of those phrases that has entered the workplace language over the past few years – but what exactly does it mean? Portal Business Centres answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the service.
What is a Virtual Office?
in the simplest terms, a virtual office is basically a non-physical space that you use to help with running your business. Virtual office services offer a number of different options such as mailing address, where you use the office’s address as your registered business address; telephone answering service, where a trained, experienced receptionist will answer your calls in your business name and, based on what you prefer, either transfer them to you or take a message for you; hot desking, where you can rent a desk by the hour, day or half day and can plug into the buildings wi-fi and broadband; and virtual flex services which allow you to use services such as telephone answering on a flexible basis without any on going commitment – for example if you were on holiday, or at a conference and were unable to answer your calls.
How many people use a service like this?
Whilst it is difficult to put an exact number on it, it is estimated that approximately 20% of the working population in the UK, which amounts to some 6.5 million people, work from home. This number is forecast to grow over the next five years, and with the number of start-up businesses still rising in this country, virtual services, and the companies that provide them, are taking a leading role in helping businesses move forward.
Isn’t it just for small companies and “one man bands”?
Most definitely not. For every employee that works from home,  companies save an estimated £8000 per year. With the recent introduction of flexible working regulations, meaning that any employee with over 26weeks service in a company can ask to be considered for flexible hours, businesses both large and small need to be looking to how they can get the best out of their workforce, which may often mean basing them away from a physical office.
Make your small business look like a big business!
In addition to the money saving, virtual offices can also help to make your small business look big! With a professional address, rather than a home one, and a trained, experienced receptionist handing your calls efficiently, clients need never know that your business is being run from your spare bedroom! We won’t tell them if you won’t!
How can Portal Business Centres help?
Portal Business Centres has a wide range of virtual services, from mail handling and telephone answering, to hot desking and virtual flex services to help keep your business running when you’re off on holiday or simply need an extra pair of hands. To find out more about Portal’s range of virtual services please click here, or call the team on 01935 445656 (Warrington) or 0151 346 2000 (Wirral).

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