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Working from Home? Here’s our Top Five Tips!

Today, more people in the UK are working from home than ever before – around 6.5 million in fact – whether running their own business or working flexibly. It sometimes seems like the easy option, however unless you plan your time even more effectively than you do in a traditional office setting, you may find yourself still sitting at your desk at 8pm, without having accomplished even half of what you set out to do! Here’s Portal’s top tips to making your work day at home as productive as it can be.
1. Define some work space
Yes, we know it’s tempting to balance your laptop on your knee whilst This Morning is playing in the background, but in order to work effectively, you need to have a set area for it. Not only will this help keep your work area clear of home clutter and vice versa, you will also be properly focused when you sit at your work space.
2. Don’t become isolated
Working on your own for long hours can be lonely, demoralising and demotivating. Use whatever technology and tools at your disposal to stay in touch with colleagues and keep up to date with what’s happening in the outside world. Check out local networking events – Portal Business Centres’ runs its own free event, Fruit Cake Friday – where you can meet others in similar situations and perhaps even meet some new contacts.
3. Organise your day
Structure your day at home just as you would in the office. Keep tasks to set times – it’s much easier to become distracted when you’re at home, so this requires even more discipline on your part to stay on track!
4. Dress to impress!
You wouldn’t go into an office wearing your pyjamas or an old tracksuit (we hope!), so why work like that from home? Getting dressed properly will make you feel like you are working rather than just being at home for the day.
5. And when it all gets too much ….
Sometimes you just need to be in an office with other people. So look for hot desking options, where you can go and work at a desk in a business centre. Portal Business Centres in Warrington and Bromborough has hot desking facilities that you can use for an hour, half day or full day. Find out about our facilities here, or talk to the team on 01925 445656 (Warrington) or 0151 346 2000 (Wirral).

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